Speaking Recycler-Ese

In the industrial supply world, there are the big guys that cater generally to every industry and have billions of dollars of inventory. There are smaller distributors who focus on a personal touch to any industry within a certain radius of their warehouse. Then there are companies like us who have found a way to combine the personal touch that the big guys can’t deliver with the buying power that the smaller guys just don’t possess. We do that by specialization.

We have sought out a very limited number of industries that are a little too small to merit the devoted attention of the big guys. We saw that we could make a positive impact on these selected specialty industries if we would learn to speak their language and focus our resources on helping them solve their problems.

That’s our business model – specializing in your industry. You could say our practice is limited to the auto recycling industry as well as the six other specialty industries which fit our narrowly defined criteria of specialization worthiness. We have carefully chosen each of these industries for that they represent – each of these industries has unique needs and can benefit from our unique strengths. Each industry is served by a sales specialist who is responsible for having an in-depth  knowledge of the industry.

Our specialization in the auto salvage industry gives us the opportunity to selectively stock our warehouse with items of use to this industry. Because we know what items are useful to you, we can stock up on those things and while excluding items of little interest to our specialties. You benefit by lower prices as well as a depth of inventory that seldom sees any backorders.

Additionally, our specialization gives us the ability to do our own product sourcing and R&D of products of specific interest to auto recyclers. We have a proud record of leading innovation and introducing products that are now in common use in the industry.

So, if you need an oil change, your best bet is the quick-lube. For consumable supplies like saw blades, abrasives, or sorbents that are tailored to your business, try HUB Industrial Supply.

We know your business because we’re specialists in it.


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