Metal Strapping

Packaging up auto parts for truck delivery is an important part of the business. You need your cargo to arrive in one piece, yet you don’t want to waste money on procedures that are inefficient or extravagantly excessive.

Your shipping company can be a valuable resource when faced with questions on the best way to package up an engine, door, or any other irregular object that is going out on a pallet.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Metal strapping is recommended for any situation where the strapping is directly in contact with metal auto parts. If using plastic, provide a cardboard cushion between the cargo and the strapping at any possible points of friction or the metal potentially will cut through the strapping in transit.
  • Choose a strap that is weight-rated for at least the weight of the object being strapped. For example, the average strength rating of our ½” steel strapping is 1300 lbs. You can confidently use it for any cargo that weighs up to 1300 lbs.
  • It is usually sufficient to apply two bands in criss-cross fashion to fix your cargo to a pallet. If you are approaching the weight limit of your strapping or the object is as long and contorted as a cirque du soleil gerbil juggler, a third band is good insurance.
  • Shrink-wrapping engines directly to a pallet is particularly effective in immobilizing it. In this application, one strap on top of the shrink wrap is all that is needed for security.
  • Remove as much oil or other fluids as you can from the object you are sending, but don’t fret if a drop or two leaks out after the fact. Most shippers are capable of dealing with the occasional drip and won’t hassle you about it.

A basic metal strapping setup requires a roll of strapping, some clasps called a seals, a tensioner device to ratchet the strapping taught, and a manual sealer to crimp the seal in place.

We offer three widths of strapping so you can choose the optimal strength/cost ratio for your operation. The wider the strapping, the more it costs per foot and the higher its weight capacity.

We also offer two different styles of tensioners: The feedwheel style is ideal for use on flat cargo; and the pusher style, which is better suited to tightening straps on irregular objects that auto recyclers are most likely to be shipping out.

For those of you who prefer the poly strapping, we have that, too. Leigh and April can assist you in selecting the best products for your needs.

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