The BEST blade you’ve ever tried!

Hub Industrial Supply is proud to announce the latest addition to our line of metal-cutting recip blades. For those of you who are already using our ¾” HUB saw blades, you are going to understand our excitement at the introduction of our 1” series.

For those who haven’t tried our Hub blades, we are going to make you the following proposition: Compare this blade with your existing blade and see if this isn’t the best blade for cutting through the tough stuff that you’ve ever tried.

Anatomy of a blade

Universal Fit Tang
3° tilt angle for faster cuts, longer life and overall improved performance

Premium Carbon Steel Backer
Superior metallurgy beneath the paint makes the difference

The Edge That Conquered 10,000 Catalytic Converters
Highest grade beam-welded 8% cobalt case hardened bimetal. Special tooth geometrics for less friction, faster cuts and longer life

.042” Kerf
Thick enough to resist bending; superior speed to blades with wider kerf

Made in the U.S.A.
Saving and creating jobs the old fashioned way

45° Nose Design
Nothing fancy here–we’re trading style for substance

Our 1” blades are available in the following sizes:

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Saw technology is always advancing…

Today’s reciprocating saw equipment features more powerful motors and anti-vibration technology. As the state of the art advances, saw blades need to improve as well. The HUB premium blade represents the latest advances and are compatible with any brand reciprocating saw. Compare our blades against the ones you use now on your equipment and see which blades belongs on your saw.

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