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HUB Industrial Team Members 2012What makes HUB Industrial Supply unique? Why should you do business with us?

While other companies struggle through a tough economy, we continue to grow. Our formula for success rests in our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
The three pillars of our business are:

    • Specializing in your industry
    • Maintaining a basic level of excellence in supply basics
    • Taking care of the boss

These pillars are more like tiers of a fountain reaching ever higher and supported by the tier underneath. The bottom tier that undergirds everything above it, is a deference to our boss.

You’re the Boss

Without our customers, we’d be out of a job. The boss is our customer, the customer is our boss. This is a concept that we constantly reinforce in our staff, from top executive to shipping clerk. It’s posted on our walls and mentioned in every meeting. People will do things for their boss that they would scarcely do for any other human. That’s our operating philosophy, and it affects everything we do. It certainly affects the next tier of the fountain—the way we run our supply operation.

A Well-Oiled Machine

As a supply house, we run a very tight ship. We have systems in place to ensure a generous inventory of the items we stock and a no-excuses guarantee of same day shipping of thousands of quick-ship items. If we have to back-order or fail to get the package out by 6:00 p.m. EST, you get a $100.00 check, and that seldom happens. We are very proud of our influential role we play in the industries that we serve, including the introduction of exclusive products that have become industry standards. But supply is our core business; and we aren’t much use to our customers if they can’t rely on us to get them the supplies they need when they need them. Adherence to this precept makes us that much freer to pursue the thing that has defined our success: specializing in your industry.

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