Professional Torque Converter Bracket

One of the reasons we like to visit auto recycling facilities is to “see how the sausage is made.” We like to spend time in the back where the work is getting done to absorb as much as we can about ways we can serve your production staff better. Sometimes an offhand comment or a random incident will germinate into a successful product offering in our catalog.

Our featured product is a good example of this kind of shirtsleeves research. While observing a technician dismantling a transmission from the drive train, we saw him grab a roll of duct tape and fasten a few long strips over the open end of the transmission. At other yards, we watched the same job being done with a variety of materials including chicken wire, scrap metal and cable ties. All of these solutions were aimed at preventing the torque converter from sliding out of the tranny during handling.

Some guys were such perfectionists that they would make up a pile of specially fabricated bars of flat metal stock with a bend here and a bolt hole there so they could fasten it to a mounting hole on the transmission and it would reach in and hold the torque converter snug. It obviously took some effort to make up a batch of these every time they ran low, but the simplicity and elegance of this solution seemed to us to mark the user as a professional. That got us thinking…

 Wouldn’t these guys rather just buy these widgets and not have to go through the time and expense of making them in small batches? It turns out that they would, especially since they can get them for less money from us than if they have them made locally or make them themselves. As a supplier to auto recyclers across the country, we were able to use the power of volume purchasing and manufacturing to come up with enough of these things to make them available to anyone who wants them. Just a phone call can get you a supply of these simple brackets that save labor and imbue your work with that professional touch.

If you haven’t tried our torque converter kit, ask us for a sample and you’ll see that it is a cost-effective and practical way to keep your parts together.


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