Product Spotlight – Gas Tank Strap Cutters

It’s probably safe to assume that anyone reading this newsletter gets a bigger kick out of a visit to Home Depot than, say, the local shopping mall. We belong to a class of people that simply finds tools fascinating. The more exotic and elegant the engineering, the quicker our hearts beat. The sight of the Snap-on truck rolling down the road elicits a longing more impetuous than any child hearing the jingle of the ice cream van.

With this in mind, we proudly announce the availability of the next tool you’re going to want to put on your wish list: our Gas Tank Cutter. Just as the giraffe was specifically engineered to eat leaves that the other beasts of the rainforest can’t reach, one look and you can see how these tin snips have a giraffe’s grace and agility when reaching up to snip the straps holding up a gas tank.

These cutters have a 24” reach and drop forged, heat-treated blades with a rust-resistant black oxide finish. Rubber handles are added for comfort. Ferrari red.

Snip. You’re done. How cool is that?

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